With a passion for makeup, instructing and all things beauty, Jaya Bolden has the skills, passion, and professionalism to make sure every beat is perfection. Jaya is a young, vibrant creative and mentor who is self-motivated and seeks to be a powerhouse in the makeup industry. Originating from Prince George’s County Maryland, she was fortunate enough to be involved in extracurricular activities such as leadership conferences through Envision Career and Leadership Program. Through Envision, she realized she was innovative and that eventually sparked the launch of her career as a makeup artist and her business MakeUpByJaya at the age of 16.


MakeUpByJaya transformed into MakeUpByJaya Studio when she underwent the painstaking process of becoming a studio owner at the age of 19. Jaya was only a Sophomore at Temple University, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Strategic Communication at the time. MakeUpByJaya Studio had its grand opening on June 11, 2016, in Washington, D.C., as friends, family, and supporters witnessed the embodiment of hard work, passion and perseverance combined. Through Temple’s community of equally ambitious students, Jaya has been able to create a network of other entrepreneurs as well as build her clientele in the Philadelphia community. Not only is she interested in making sure beauty is reflected on the outside, but also the inside.


Also, in 2016, Jaya joined the prestigious National Council of Negro Women to further her interest in sisterhood. The organization has led her to self-empowerment, the uplifting of others, and better public speaking skills; all of which have contributed to her growth as an entrepreneur.  As her business has grown so has her opportunities and her credentials speak for themselves as she has worked with BET as one of their youngest artists in 2015, the Bobbi Jones show also in 2015, Joyful Noise with Tye Tribbett and Black Girls Rock both in 2016. She has done makeup for backup singers and dancers for singers Monica, Jazmine Sullivan as well as Brandy. The mission of MakeUpByJaya Studio is to bring out the beauty in all and to make light enhancements and not a complete makeover.


Due to her accomplishments and mission, many women have asked for countless tutorials and tips, thus birthing her next business, The Beauty and the Beat Brunch shortly after the opening of her studio. The Beauty and the Beat Brunch is the ultimate brunch and makeup class for those who want to learn to achieve a flawless makeup application and to find their own routine. These interactive one on one sessions allow her to fulfill her love for teaching and expose participants to amazing vendors. Besides, who doesn’t love a good brunch? Bottomless mimosas anyone?


MakeupByJaya Studio will always be her first love and helping women find a flawless routine with The Beauty and the Beat Brunch, but her desire to help women doesn’t stop there. Most recent of her ever-expanding businesses, she has created Crowning Queens on October 17, 2017. Jaya aspires to uplift young girls and women, starting at the age of 16 and upwards. Her oldest member being 51 years of age, emphasizing there is no limit on a hunger for knowledge and a desire to be inspired. As a Deaconess at Southeast Tabernacle Baptist Church for over four years, she has provided pastoral care for other women. Her love for the church and her duties within reflect in Crowning Queens.


Whether it’s makeup, teaching, or mentoring, all businesses are an extension of Jaya and her efforts to inspire beauty and grace in girls and women alike. As Sir Thomas Overbury said, “beauty is only skin deep,” but with MakeUpByJaya Studio, The Beauty and the Beat Brunch and Crowning Queens, beauty is both internal and external. Although well established, this is only the beginning of her success, stay tuned.




Washington, D.C. |  Philadelphia, PA

Specializing in beauty enhancement for special events, bridal, photography and more. 

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Washington, D.C. | Philadelphia, PA New York, NY

Providing virtual and interactive guidance through resources seen fit to achieve goal of mentee. Mentee does not have to be interested in the beauty industry but more so into pursuing entrepreneurship. 

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Washington, D.C. | Philadelphia, PA

Enjoy makeup or all things beauty? Experience the brunch of a lifetime! Connect, inspire, and uplift amongst aspiring and established entrepreneurs within the beauty industry.

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Bosses Connect: New Year Happy Hour